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General Locksmith Store Osprey, FL 941-564-3372Before transponder keys were introduced into the market, it was very easy for car thieves to “hotwire” a car. The introduction of transponder keys gave modern automobiles a major security boost. While transponder keys are good for security, losing them is an expensive proposition. Your car dealer can replace the key, of course – but they often take their time about it or charge you extravagant amounts for it. If you live in the Osprey, FL area and have lost your car keys, you can contact General Locksmith Store for help. We are a professional auto locksmith and can replace your transponder key quickly at an affordable price. We also provide a comprehensive range of locksmithing services for car owners.

Why General Locksmith Store is better than your vehicle dealer?

It takes special machines to precision craft car keys. Also, it takes a special computer to program the chip that is present inside transponder keys to get your car’s lock to recognize it. While dealers do have the technology for it, they often take their sweet time about making you new keys and charge you a lot for their services to boot. General Locksmith Store is cheaper and much faster.

Leave the challenges to the experts:

Have you gotten locked out of your car and left the key inside it? Or, perhaps, your trunk is locked and you can’t get it open? Instead of attempting a DIY solution and digging a deeper hole for yourself, you should contact a professional auto locksmith.

In Osprey, FL, General Locksmith Store provides the following locksmithing services to car owners: 

  • Lockout assistance on location: If you’re locked out of your car, we can send an expert team to your location. We will get you back inside your property in a matter of minutes – and it usually takes us less than 30 minutes to arrive on site.
  • Key cutting service: We can make you new high-security car keys. We can also reprogram transponder keys and replace lost fobs.
  • Lost key replacement: We are familiar with all car makes and models and can make you new keys.
  • Lock repairs: We can repair the lock on your car or trunk.
  • Ignition repairs: We can fix jammed ignition switches/cylinders and replace them, if necessary.
  • Jump-start cars: If your battery is dead, we can attempt to jump start it for you.

You can call us on 941-564-3372 to talk to our customer representative and request our auto locksmith service at your location.