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Are you facing trouble with the lock on your car, or perhaps you’re left the keys inside your car and locked yourself out of it? For any car lock-related trouble, you can contact General Locksmith Store for help. General Locksmith Store is a professional car locksmith that has been operating in Osprey, FL for a number of years now.

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Why hire our Car Lock Smith?

General Locksmith Store is a 24-hour car locksmith that can provide assistance for all manner of car lock-related trouble. We provide on-location service with the help of our mobile locksmith vans, so you can avail our services even if you’re stuck in a remote corner of Osprey, FL. Our locksmiths are experienced, polite, and use tools that don’t damage your lock or vehicle in any way. Our response and service times are always lightning-quick. We also don’t charge extra for overnight work.

Some of our car lock smith services include:

Car door unlock and car trunk unlock service

If the lock on your car door has jammed and won’t budge, we can help. General Locksmith Store can open car doors without damaging your vehicle in any way. We can unlock your trunk, if the lock on it has stopped working.

Ignition services

Ignition switches can get jammed or stop working efficiently over time. General Locksmith Store can take a look at your ignition cylinder and fix it - or replace it, if necessary.

Broken key extraction

We can extract car keys that have broken inside doors or ignition switches with the help of advanced tools. If you attempt to extract the key yourself, chances are you’ll damage the lock irreparably.

Transponder key

Transponder keys are special high-security car keys that have chips on them. It takes special machinery to duplicate such keys and to program them. General Locksmith Store can program or duplicate transponder keys on site. Your other option is to contact your dealer and have them send you new car keys – this can take a while, though, and it is usually expensive.

Jump start car battery

We can also help you out if your battery is dead and your car isn’t start. We have cables and can jump start your battery for you.

General Locksmith Store’s locksmiths are well-trained and have handled countless emergency requests over the years. We also keep them updated on advances on locks, so they’re capable of recognizing and working on a range of car locks - so don’t think twice about contacting us even if you have a brand new car.

Call us now on 941-564-3372 to request our professional car locksmith services.