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General Locksmith Store Osprey, FL 941-564-3372Has your tenant recently stopped paying their rent altogether or damaged your property extensively? If they’re refusing to leave, you can have them evicted, with the help of a court order that you can get from your local court. General Locksmith Store is a professional locksmith in Osprey, FL that you can call on for help with the eviction procedure. We can let you inside your property, if your tenant is proving to be intractable. You can rely on our eviction service to be discreet and professional.

Prevent a retaliation break-in

If your tenant is willing to leave your premises on their own volition, it’s often a good idea to get your locks rekeyed, if not replaced altogether. Some tenants hold a grudge and come back later to damage your property or harass new tenants. If you want to avoid that, you need to get your locks rekeyed. Also look into getting new security measures installed on your property like sprinkler locks, locks on your mailbox and on your garage. Change the combinations to your old safe or other locks that your tenants knew. Our eviction service can do all this for you, and more!

What if the tenant hasn’t left the property?

It’s illegal to change the locks on your property while the tenant is still inside it. If you have a court eviction order, though, our locksmith can let you back inside your property (provided you have a Sheriff on scene). The Sheriff will then escort your tenant off your property. Our locksmiths can then begin changing the locks on your property, if you need us to.

Overnight eviction service at pocket-friendly prices

We offer our eviction service overnight, so you can have the locks on your property changed and have your property ready for new tenants the very next day. We do not charge more than our baseline rate for our overnight work, so don’t think twice about booking our services overnight. We offer doorstep service in Osprey, FL with the help of our mobile locksmith units, which contain all the tools we need for our job.

It’s important that you keep your property secure for your next tenant by having locks changed or rekeyed – it is sure to save you a lot of trouble later. Call us today on 941-564-3372 to talk to our service rep and book our eviction service at an affordable price.