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The lock on your door is what keeps you safe from external security threats like vandals and thieves. However, when a lock fails, it is both a security threat and a major headache. General Locksmith Store offers reliable doors unlock service to Osprey, FL for home, business, and car owners. If you’ve lost the keys to your door or if your lock is refusing to budge, you can contact our expert locksmiths for help.

Unlock service for all types of lockouts:

Did you manage to lock yourself out of your car by leaving your keys in the car and locking the door behind you? General Locksmith Store can get to your location, if you’re in Osprey, FL, in a matter of minutes and unlock your car door. Apart from car lockouts, we also handle home and commercial lockouts. Our locksmiths are experienced professionals. They know how to recognize a wide range of locks, both electronic and mechanical, and they have all the tools they need to unlock them without causing damage to your property or the lock itself.

Safe unlock service

Your safe probably contains your most important possessions, money, and business documents. However, if you forget the combination or the lock on the safe gets stuck, it’s very difficult to get your safe open again. General Locksmith Store offers a safe unlock service to home and business owners in Osprey, FL. Our locksmiths will try to open your safe without damaging the lock with the help of some advanced tools. If that doesn’t work, we can pry or saw open safes without damaging your property inside. 

Trunk unlock service for cars

General Locksmith Store trunk unlock service is one of our most popular locksmithing services. If your car trunk has jammed, we can have it open in no time with the help of some special tools. We are a mobile locksmith that can provide you doorstep service – our vans generally reach your location within half an hour after calling us.

General Locksmith Store Osprey, FL 941-564-3372What makes us special?

  • 24-hour emergency locksmithing work
  • Fair pricing even for work done in the wee hours of the morning
  • Locks unlocked without damaging your property
  • Locks repaired and replaced
  • Lightning fast response to emergency requests
  • On location service
  • Professional team using the best tools

Apart from our unlock service, we can also replace locks, install new ones, and make you new keys with the help of the advanced machines we have fitted in our vans. Call us today on 941-564-3372!